Portfolio / Resume

In 2016 I ran for office. The position of councillor for Downtown Dartmouth.  It was an interesting experence. I got meet a lot of great people and really learned a lot about how one might go about things and not go about things.

I got my start mowing lawns, delivering papers, washing cars, landscaping, tree planting ( hardest job ever), working in Kitchens,

I started a professional life in the computer business. My first big moment was teaching a class of Dalhousie Computer Science students, and their Professor, how to turn on their DOS 3.0 8088 machines. A moment I will never forget. Another is pulling the typewriters out of the Dartmouth General Hospital and replacing them with 9 pin printers.

I bought and sold and installed  computers as purchasing and sales manager for my familes company.

I jumped out of that business five years later when Windows 3.0 was making computers easier for people to use therefore easier to purchase and the servicing was not for me.

In 1993 I bought some vehicles and operated a courier service in partnership with another local indpepndent courier. We moved parcels from Bridegwater to Port Hawkesbury and all through the HRM area which at the time was not amalgamated but would be by the time it became unprofitable as the large courier companies started bidding on all the small jobs that made our business possible.

IIn 2000, using what I could find at flea markets, yards sales,  I opened a buy and sell comic store called Allgoods Comics.

By 2005 we were very successul in becoming the premier table top gaming centre in Atlantic Canada. I closed that business in 2006. We employed eleven full and part time staff at our peak.

Something I am very proud of.

What I am doing currenty, as of 2017 to  keep myself busy is  I apply my amatuer hobby photography and computer skills , and elementary website building skills, to help build and promote community events and Dartmouth lifestyle.

I can also add Social Media Marketing as well as Manager my resume.