Living in Downtown HRM – The Darkside


Don’t blame one government official or even a whole council, Legislature or House of Commons.

Blame decades of them.

My lifetime. Nationwide,  few real issues, especially ones that affect lower income bracket individuals, get past this phase.

” Let’s roll up our sleeves, get the pen out and write a cheque for another report”

Homelessness is a killer.

I’ve been homeless.

Drug addiction .. mental illness .. family tragedy .. I’ve been homeless. Three times in my life. It sucks.

It’s a killer.

Once one has been homeless it’s next to impossible to ever see that person again as the job creator. The economic stimulator. The tax payer.

I was all that way more than I was ever homeless. But be clear.

I was homeless three times in my life for years at a time and like thousands and thousands of Canadians , about 100 bucks a month away from being there again.

It’s been a year since since the last election exactly and one year since our Mayor , well intended as it may have been, announced bold measures to deal with the affordable housing crisis in the HRM.

We were told there was a plan. That there is a plan.

Or is there a plan really?

In 2015, we learned that Twelve percent of the municipality’s population is in extreme housing need. That’s 46,000 people who are spending 50 percent or more of their income on housing.

Almost every fact that local politicians or agents of the government or the media quotes us today on housing and homelessness comes from the United Way and Housing and Homelessness Partnership .

Numbers and talking points for the last two years gleaned from  FIVE YEAR STRATEGIC PLAN 2015-2020

I’m going to presume that Pad Mapper, the group that put this current report out include of the HRM and not simply peninsular Halifax.

Is that safe? Maybe it’s not safe but I am going to go with it anyway.

In October 2017  HRM get’s into tenth spot for pricey pads.

That’s a four position jump from March 2017.

And a seven position jump since February.

Winters back is broken

Going into a new season in a new year and I am pretty excited about it.

New Years for me is always February 04. It’s my way of remembering and honoring my Brother Eric.  His Birthday.

Flu and Cold Season

Spent the last nine of fourteen days out laid out with the flu and cold .. sometimes more flu .. sometimes more cold.

I have some work to do this Thanksgiving Weekend getting back on the game.

I managed somehow to miss few events however .. zoom lens comes in handy when needed to get to work without actually being around people. Work being my hobby photodocumenting Dartmouth and all the events I can get to.

Friday’s here and I hope you have a great weekend!

Tour of Duty

OK so bottom line, Brass tacks. The ruddy bits that float on the top. I have nothing really to say. I know that.

However. Having nothing to say doesn't really tend to stop me from opening my mouth or moving my fingers and flapping my wings.

I wish it did. Good lord I wish it did. But it doesn't.


Before Facebook and Twitter ( I won't wait for my royalty check for the inadvertent native advertising) , we blogged.  Those of us who loved an audience, even if it were one person.
Christ even if it was a bot .. we blogged for it. Not content to leave our scribblings in a paper box for no one to see ever, Where they probably belong. We blogged.

This blog is NOTHING more than , one more attempt, to free myself, even if it is just a little bit, to reclaim just a tiny bit, of my , content, if that's the right word for what this is, from big daddy. My Mum doesn't social media. My Dad doesn't social media .. and some of the people I care about most who do social media .. don't have time to scroll for hours or risk getting engaged with some of my other friends so they simply don't bother to be "friends" with me on FACEBAG but would like to know what's going on in WesWorld.

Habit. Routine. Very important things. This is what that is. 

This is it.  I've been working towards this moment for a some time now. Write more.