Tour of Duty

OK so bottom line, Brass tacks. The ruddy bits that float on the top. I have nothing really to say. I know that.

However. Having nothing to say doesn't really tend to stop me from opening my mouth or moving my fingers and flapping my wings.

I wish it did. Good lord I wish it did. But it doesn't.


Before Facebook and Twitter ( I won't wait for my royalty check for the inadvertent native advertising) , we blogged.  Those of us who loved an audience, even if it were one person.
Christ even if it was a bot .. we blogged for it. Not content to leave our scribblings in a paper box for no one to see ever, Where they probably belong. We blogged.

This blog is NOTHING more than , one more attempt, to free myself, even if it is just a little bit, to reclaim just a tiny bit, of my , content, if that's the right word for what this is, from big daddy. My Mum doesn't social media. My Dad doesn't social media .. and some of the people I care about most who do social media .. don't have time to scroll for hours or risk getting engaged with some of my other friends so they simply don't bother to be "friends" with me on FACEBAG but would like to know what's going on in WesWorld.

Habit. Routine. Very important things. This is what that is. 

This is it.  I've been working towards this moment for a some time now. Write more.